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Keep a report changing dates for time zones.


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We have a report that includes the planned completion date of a project. A colleague is running the report in India and any date/time that is in the afternoon, converts to the next day when she exports the report. We are assuming it is doing an adjustment for time zone. But her profile is set to EST. We even tried IST but still adjusts it. Any suggestions on how to keep the report from doing a time zone adjustment?




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Hi Heather,

I just took a look through some older community posts and I saw that @David Cornwell‚ has had a fair bit of experience with Workfront and timezones. Maybe he has some insight into what's happening in your case? David explained quite a bit about how time zones work in Workfront on this thread, so maybe reading it will help give you some ideas of things to check?




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Hi @Heather Ternet‚ - the dates Workfront displays in the browser (and on the exports from it) are based on your computer's timezone. If your colleague wants to export the reports based on (e.g.) New York time then they will have to go into their PC/Mac timezone settings and change the timezone there, then reload the report page in the browser and the times/dates will have adjusted to be based on New York time.

In the past when I dealt with various timezones more often I actually had scripted a bunch of shortcuts on my desktop to change the time to various timezones, to make the switching process easier.

Way back I created an Idea Exchange request for a setting/switch feature for Workfront to display dates/times based on either the user's local timezone or the Project's timezone. I still think this would be really useful...

Thanks @Kyna Baker - inactive‚ for the prod...there's still lots more nuance with timezones in other areas of Workfront....happy to help out!


David Cornwell