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is there a way to require a document to be attached in a custom form?


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We have a creative brief pdf that is required to be attached when submitting a new creative request. However, I don't see any way to attach a document to a custom form. We want it be part of the intake form so the user doesn't have to go back and remember to upload it to the documents tab after they fill out the form. Is this possible?


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@Amanda Jordan‚ There is not currently a way to attach a document to a custom form, however, I've seen 2 different workarounds for this same ask:

  1. If your team uses Google Drive (or another file sharing platform) for documents, add a URL field to your custom form so that users can link to the file
  2. Add a required radio button custom field at the bottom of the form saying "Did you attach the creative brief to the Documents area" so that users cannot submit the form without selecting Yes (this would be the only option)


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We do Nichole's second option and that (knocking on wood) seems to be working for us. So far only one person checked Yes and still didn't upload the document.


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We also do Nicole's second option on a couple of our forms.

But instead of storing the file on another file sharing platform, we store it right in Workfront. We have a documentation project to store that sort of thing as well as SOPs, we make sure to share the file with any groups that have access to submit to that queue, and use the same URL field to enter the URL for that document.

But I can also read your question another way... are you asking if a document can be uploaded while the user is filling in the custom form on a request queue? The document upload area can be turned on or off in the Queue Details for each request queue.