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Is there a way to put in something similar to "time off" but there also be a label for "remote".


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As we move into the new normal at our office, there are times where people will be remote for weeks at a time - just wondering if there was a way to put in days people plan on working remotely. This helps us plan some of the in person work that needs to be done. It would be nice to see remote days vs time off on a calendar view. It seems like an easy addition to the system, just a matter of adding another option within "time off".


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Hi Miranda,

I like your idea of adding "Remote" as a new feature to the time off calendar, but until then, suggest you consider having users change add " (Remote)" as a suffix to their last name while they are working remotely for an extended duration (as a visual cue), and/or to create a "Working Remote" Project, with one task per person (per remote stint; albeit with little or no "real work" on the task) so that such tasks at least then appear alongside the other work to which they are scheduled (for context/reminder).




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Hi @Miranda Davis‚ ,

we are looking into this right now. What we came up until know is:

  1. A Request Queue Project creating issues with planned start and completion date (HO duration)
  2. Request Queue Project related to a top level Group "Home Office"
  3. Group statuses for issues set to only New/In Progress/Closed
  4. An Approval Process for HR and direct manager on "In Progress"
  5. A shared calendar with view access to everyone, manage access only for HR
  6. Two "items" on the calendar:
  7. HO Pending: Issues on Request Project with Pending Approval = true; Issue Label set to {enteredBy:name} ({plannedStartDate}-{plannedCompletionDate})
  8. HO Approved: Issues on Request Project with status = In Progress and Pending Approval = false; Issue Label set to {enteredBy:name} ({plannedStartDate}-{plannedCompletionDate})

Hope this helps.