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Is there a way to close an Issue once it converts to a Project?


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Is there a way to close an issue once it's converted to a project? We have an issue where individuals will continually add documents and comments on an issue after it's been converted to a Project. They are confused that it's in two places. I was wondering how others out there have resolved this issue to remove confusion. TY!


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Hi Deborah,


I assume that you use the option Keep the original request and tie its resolution to this project when converting the issue to a project.


To be able to change the issue status to Closed, you will need to untie the issue from the project. This can be done by clicking next to the Resolving Project under Request Details -> Request relationships and blank the field. After saving the changes, you will be able to close the issue.


Unfortunately this will not prevent the ability to add more documents to the issue.






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Tacking on to this which is absolutely correct - some of it is change management and training the team on the right process.  If they just look at their previous requests and they see that it's been converted to a request they should know the right thing to do is update the project.


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Hi there, if you want to do this just for a one-off instance, follow @lgaertner's advice in his response. If you want to do this on an instance level always, you can choose to not tie issues/converted projects together in Setup > Project Preferences > Tasks & Issues. Deselect the first checkbox.



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Hi @DeborahLeigh123,


Huh: read enough posts in a row and they'll start to cross-pollinate ...


Although it is not possible to automatically close a converted Issue to preserve it, but prevent adding further comments on the Issue, and instead have users then comment on the converted Project (or Task) going forward, perhaps you could leverage the new Business Rules feature to prevent editing such a converted Issue, assuming:


  • you have the Ultimate licensing plan,
  • you have a Standard license,
  • you are a SysAdmin, and 
  • adding an Update "counts" as an edit (since Updates are yet not among the objects that support Business Rules)




First of all, I just love how smart the Workfront community is! It's fabulous!


 I have one follow up question - If we did decide to just delete the original request once it's converted to a project - can the requestor still track it from the request to the project once it's converted? Or, would their request be considered dead? 

I think that in this case if you choose to delete the originating request the requester would not be able to track it 


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Hi Deborah - 

One way to help with this is create a dashboard with two reports that show what they have submitted as an issue/request and what's been converted to a project. Once the issue/request has been converted to a project, it would "fall off" the issue/request report and show up on the converted to project report. If they have additional things they need to add they can check this dashboard to see if it's still a request or if it's a project and then they know where the information needs to be added. You can also add this dashboard to the left side of the request area for them to easily see what they have submitted or you can pin it to the top of their layout so it's easy for them to view. I also grouped the project report by project status so they can see what's active and completed easily. 


Another way is educating them on how to tell if they are in the issue/request or the project. The issue/request has a pink icon and it will say request about the name of their issue/request. The project has a purple icon and it will say project above the name of the project. This is of course easier said than done, but a way to show them as well. 


Lastly, Fusion. We don't have Fusion yet, but when we get it, there is an automation that will add comments and documents from an issue/request to the project if it's been converted to a project and they make comments or add documents to the issue/request. 


Hope this helps!