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Is it possible to use the calculated aggregate function within a custom column?


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Hi WF Community,

Does anyone know if it's possible to create a calculated aggregate using a custom column within a report view, or can you only use the aggregate function (text mode) on standard fields when creating a custom column in a report?

For example, I have a custom calculated column in an Hours report that does the following:

  • Custom Field A (Target Client Billable %) multiplied by 40 (hrs per week) = X
  • Sum hours for user A divided by X (result of above calc) = Y

I want to aggregate this calculated custom column up to the grouping level so I can see a value by the hour Owner grouping. See attached screenshot of what I have right now (no aggregate)

Here is my text mode code that isn't aggregating:

aggregator.valueexpression=({hours}/({owner}.{DE:Target Client Billable %}*40)



displayname=% of Goal Client Billable


valueexpression=CONCAT({hours}/({owner}.{DE:Target Client Billable %}*40),"%")





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Hi - for custom columns (things that use valueexpression) you aren't able to aggregate as the data isn't stored in the database anymore.

However, you can do it if you use calculated fields. Are you using an object type that can have a custom form?


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Thanks, Anthony. And that's too bad.

Nope, it's on the Hours object that I would need to add the custom calculated field.