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Is it possible to get Hours and Expenses onto the same report?


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Finance needs to be able to see costs for a project that show Expenses an Hours together (not on separate reports on a dashboard).

Normally this data gets exported for manipulation in a custom Filemaker tool (the only way we could get comprehensive burn reports). But I have a few users (Finance, Strategy Lead, etc.) that are still pressing for an in-WF solution for specific kinds of "burn."

I don't see a relationship between Expenses and Hours. Seems like Task could possibly bridge that gap (Hours-against-task and Expenses-against-task), but I've never been able to get tasks to do complex hours or expenses breakdowns…had to use Hours or Expense reports respectively to get details.


  • Can Hours and Expense details be present on the same report, and available to do things like calculate totals? Like broken down "by project by task by user"?
  • Barring that, can a Task report (or some other report) show columns listing hours and expenses that are filtered (such as "all Strategy hours and expenses from Task X").

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I would also be very interested in such a solution


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Thats a very good option it could be possible in Workfront. Do you know any idea created for such an option in Innovation lab.




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This would be awesome to have, we also need a solution for burn reporting in WF - currently i don't think there is a way to combine hour and expense reports, maybe there is something in the innovation lab?