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I was creating a custom view in the expenses area of a template. As I was modifying my code in text mode. I was locked into this screen. 





I refreshed my webpage, went into another browser, cleared my cache, and restarted the computer and nothing helps to remove the pop-up. 


Can it be confirmed if I reset my user that it won't reset any other users? I am using my Client's Workfront environment to build their workflow and don't want to change anything on the client side. 

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Level 10

I just reset my user profile when that happens. Add "/resetUser" to your base URL. https://DOMAIN.my.workfront.com/resetUser



Level 3

If you know the name of the view you were modifying (or use a filter like last updated by yourself and last update date) you or the admin can go into the views section of the administrator settings panel and delete the corrupted view.  


I prefer to create custom text mode in reports for this reason.  The report filter, view, group doesn't corrupt like the global filter, views and groups.  You can then use your tested filters into the sharable set.