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In Tasks, is there a way to display a t-minus weeks schedule in a column in one of my views?


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Hi Community,


At the project level in tasks, is there a way to display T-Minus weeks in a column in one of my views?

  • It would be great to quickly view how many weeks out I am from a Go Live date based on the task that I'm currently working on.
  • If not in tasks, is there an alternative?

Thanks in advance! 

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You could probably achieve this in a value expression in a column of your task view. But, do you have a consistent task in projects that you’d consider your live date/task? You’d need something for your expression to reference consistently to know what to count backwards from.

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With text mode, give something along this line a try


displayname=Column Name Here
valueexpression=(WEEKDAYDIFF({project}.{DE:Go Live Date},$$TODAY))/5


this assumes your Go Live Date is a custom field on your project, if it's a date somewhere else, this will need some tweaks

the WEEKDAYDIFF returns the number of weekdays between two and the /5 divides those days by a week dates: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/workfront/using/reporting/reports/calculated-custom-data/cal...