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I logged into my preview environment and the request page looks totally different. I have been looking at upcoming release notes and haven't been able to locate anything. Is there any documentation in regards to the new request page.


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Hi Shawn,

Take a look at this page on Workfront One here. Details about the new requests area is at the bottom of this article.

Best Regards,



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On initial look at the requests page in Preview, I like the new look. The bold blue New Request button seem intuitive.

But I have major concerns once you click that button.

  1. The Request Type dropdown - Some of our requestors have access to quite a few reques types. That dropdown list needs to contain !!!ALL!!! request queues that a user has access to (I can't emphasize ALL enough). Those users who have access to lots of request queues will NOT search for the request queue they need. They will assume they don't have accedss to it and either choose from the list presented to them, resulting in their request being submitted to the wrong place OR I will get inundated with emails asking to have their access restored because they'll think they've lost it.
  2. While I sort of like the idea of having the documents upload area at the bottom of the page - because there are some fields on our forms asking/reminding users to upload their files, I feel some users won't scroll down far enough to see that area with the submit button at the top. With the submit button at the bottom of the form, they are forced to scroll all the way to the bottom of the form.
  3. We have multiple forms attached to our request queues, in a certain order - and those forms are now all in RANDOM order. Different on every request I go into. We ask for the information on those forms in a specific order and those forms need to remain in order.



Hey Heather and all,

I've passed this on to our product team! Thank you so much for your detailed feedback!




Thank you Kyna for passing along the feedback.

Heather, thanks for testing out the new functionality. Having this early feedback really gives us time to review the changes we can make before it goes to production. So for the specific pain points you presented.

  1. I will review this with the team and make sure we show all the queues there
  2. For this question specifically: where do you think the document widget would best fit?
  3. Thank you for noticing this and reporting. I will open a bug and we will fix it.


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Thanks Anna,

For the question about the documents widget... I've reviewed the placement with a couple colleagues who frequently submit requests.

I think ultimately the placement of the document widget at the bottom of the request is fine and sometimes evey better than at the top.

My concern is whether some users will scroll past the last field and see that document widget before clicking the submit button at the top?

I'm wondering if there's any way to force them to the bottom of the page before clicking submit or if they didn't scroll to the bottom of the page having a pop-up asking them if they've attached all documents that might be relevent to the request.

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