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I currently have a report which tells me all current active projects for designers at a glance. I wanted to add a column on my report that shows the current task within the project. I can't seem to figure this out. Has anyone successfully done this?


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Now this won't show the current Designer task, but this would show the Current task (or tasks if you have parallel paths in your plan)

displayname=Current Task(s)








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Excellent answer, Anthony: that fits how I read Megan's question.

Megan, if Anthony's "Designer Task" wrinkle is of interest, you could either add another if statement that checks whether:

- the task name (or template task name, if you use those) matches a known phrase such as "Designer"


- the task (or template task, similarly) is assigned to a known Job Role such as "Designer"

and (either way) then only show the name if that is the case.




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Anthony/Doug, funny enough we actually had that exact use case for our designers at one point.

Megan - this was the value expression we used, which is identical to Anthony's formula + Doug's suggestion, except instead of nesting in another IF statement, we added in an "and" condition (syntax is just "&&"). I try to use "and" (&&) and "or" (||) conditions whenever possible instead of nested IF statements because they (usually) help keep the formula shorter and easier to read (plus less chance of missing a closed parenthesis). Just putting this all out here in case someone else needs it in the future.



You can also use Role Name by switching {roleID} with {role}.{name} and put the name in parentheses where YOURROLEIDHERE is in the formula. So if your role was "Designer", it would look like {role}.{name}="Designer"

Not sure how it would handle a task that is assigned to someone with a secondary role of "Designer" though. I think Role ID only reads the primary role.