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How to create custom object as typeahead field?


Level 2

Hello Workfront community -

I need to create a new field in a custom form and would like it to be a typeahead field as it will have nearly 500 possible values on it (but only 1 can be selected).

I am already using the "Company" object field and would like a solution similar in concept as to how that works.

Does anyone know of a good way to approach this?

Thanks in advance!


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Level 10

I don't quite understand, why not just create a dropdown field with 500 choices? What would be the reference object for a typeahead?


Level 2

Are you on the classic experience?

The new experience allows for drop downs to kind of simulate the typeahead experience.

However, typeahead fields are used to reference objects in Workfront. Often with multiple key, values.

If there's some reason you want to hack a list of options into a typeahead field, I think you could still use the approach of using a more hidden object in Workfront (like Company) and apply a filter to the field using text mode.

You could add a custom form with a field to "tag" the companies you want to populate the typeahead field.

This would work, but is definitely hack-y.