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How to clean up the history data of request in Workfront?


Level 2

When I make a request, it pops out a lot of request old data, which is not made by me, it should be made by other people but reside here.

is there a way to clean up?
data clean up.png


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Level 4

Hi JerryWu,

I think that you should talk to your Workfront System Administrator about this.

Or, you could search for those projects (which these request queues actually are) and look for the project owner and check with them.


Level 2

thanks Femke, I talked to Administrator, but we did not find a way to clear the history data, and it doesn't make sense to show up other's requests record in my request page, as it is not related to me, do you encounter this issue before? thanks!


Level 4



These projects are somehow shared with you; otherwise, you wouldn't see them in your overview.


You can check the Queue Details of those projects and check the following:

- Should the option 'Publish as Help Request Queue' still be turned on?

- Check 'Who can add requests to this queue?' and ensure you don't fall within this group who can add requests to it.


You could also check if those queues are still being used; otherwise, close those projects (set project status to Complete).


Good luck with it!