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How can I perform a bulk update of % Complete for multiple tasks in a single project?


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I have a need to update frequently multiple tasks within a given project with the same % Complete number. Instead of clicking one task at a time, is there any way to do a bulk update of those multiple tasks at once?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Grazie!




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Hi Pavlin,

I haven't found a way to bulk edit % Complete, but I have found a quicker way than clicking on each one at a time. Go into a view that shows the % Complete column, click into the first % you want to update, edit it, then hit return. This will take you to the % on next task down where you can now just type the new value. If you're using the same value for all, you can copy the first one, and then use paste to quickly enter it in the others when you get there. If the next task down is one you don't want to edit, just hit return, and it will move to the next one down with changing the value. Just like editing cells in Excel.

Tab is also good if you want to enter multiple values in a single line without clicking on each cell, as it will move to the next editable column to the right.

Hopefully that helps a little.




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Hi Chris,

Thank you for your reply. Really appreciate it. Actually, that was exactly what I was doing and I'm sorry for not articulating it clearly in my original message. Moreover, I believe that bulk editing in a given project schedule (or even in a project plan) is powerful feature not only being applied to % Complete field. Think about a phrase you need to bulk update in multiple tasks... Right? Find & Replace feature. Hopefully, Workfront development team is reading this thread. ;)

Thank you.



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Hi again Pavlin,

While you're waiting for Task % Complete to be added to the built in Bulk Update feature, I invite you to consider our Excel Updater solution instead, which would allow you to:

  • export a few details about the Tasks of interest to Excel (e.g. col A = ID, col B = Task Name, col c = Project, col d = Percent Complete)
  • as work progresses, use your favorite Excel features to update the Percent Complete (e.g. search and replace, formulas, colors, etc.)
  • as often as you wish, upload that spreadsheet via Excel Updater to (effectively, "bulk") update the Task % Complete, keeping Workfront in sync

Happy to chat further via doug.denhoed@atappstore.com if it seems like a good fit.




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Any update on this feature ? anyone was able to update multi tasks at one time ?