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How can I close a task to ensure that users can no longer log hours on it.


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Hello All,

I have a situation where I set a task to 100% complete. This normally removes it from assigned users' timesheets. However, if a user pinned the task on their timesheet, it remains on their timesheet and they can still log hours on the task even when it is set to complete.

How can I, as the owner of a project, “close” a task to ensure that users can no longer add hours to it?


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Sadly, you can't. We tried to get this sorted out with support but had no luck. Since there is no createDate on the hour object (it is misused for the entry date), you cannot even report on any hours added after the task had been closed.


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I submitted it as an idea in the innovation lab. Please vote for it via the link below so it can get some traction:



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Hi Joe,

I agree with Chris; although I hadn’t thought about his point on the Entry Date blurring the lines further: ouch.

While you're waiting for Joe's idea to work its way up the Innovation Lab leader board, I can offer a couple of suggestions:

  • Our Auto-Bill solution automatically creaties billing records to lock down the associated time and financial information (and prevent accidental deletion of project data). By running it at a regular cadence (eg at month end), you could then report any back dated hours that lack a billing record ID and have users delete and reenter them. Reactive, but effective, and in time, users will learn.
  • Our UberTimesheet solution is modeled after the built in version, but allows us to offer additional business logic. In your case, it could be to suppress Tasks that are 100% complete (and/or that were actually completed prior to the current timesheet period, and/or that have a billing record), making it proactive.