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How are your Request Queues organized in Workfront?


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We are planning to have multiple Request Queues (eventually). I'm thinking we should put the various Request Queues (projects) into a specific Portfolio just for them.

How do you all have your Request Queues organized?

I'm thinking Portfolio > Project/Request Queue.


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It depends how it is set up. By coincidence, our published queues are set up to immediately route to other projects (the queue remains empty). As a result, we have published queues stored in the Workfront portfolio (under request queues program), and the "routed work projects" stored under the relevant portfolio for that department. (if a team owns a program in that portfolio, the project stores under that program)

This also means that different depts can share a queue but own their own work project where their work routes to.


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Thanks, Skye!

We have multiple business units that currently submit their own projects under their specific Portfolios (as Planners). 34 units = 34 Portfolios.

Our instance is set up as follows:

Portfolio = Business Unit > Program = Campaign/Event > Project = Each Deliverable is a separate Project

*Projects are not worked on until they are in a Program under the correct Portfolio. We have unique project numbers calculated on that formula (built with UberCalc from AtAppStore - @Doug Den Hoed‚ ).

We want to move more toward a Request Queue to cut down on Planner licenses, and have Requests (Email, Print, Web, Signage, New User, etc.) filter through my team of 4 (!?!?) to evaluate before assigning. Our deliverables cross all units, so I think having a specific queue in each Portfolio might be redundant and a nightmare to manage all possible types of requests. We average about 300 projects a month.

Does this make my question any clearer to suggest direction?


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You have a far more complex organization than I do so not sure if this applies. Our portfolios are by marketing type (email, direct mail, advertising etc) and we don’t use programs at all. I keep all project queues in a separate portfolio so I can manage them. Because requests can’t be nicely combined with projects/tasks on reports I find it easier to keep them separated for identifying them, reporting and maintenance purposes. Reporting on requests is then separated by category (custom form).

If requests and tasks were able to be ordered together by due dates I would probably combine them. We have separate views of projects and requests and it’s most definitely at the top of the list why I have low support for Workfront from my team except for Proof which they love. My video team refuses to use projects and keeps everything in requests which is great for them (one clean list of tasks), but bad for anybody else that has tasks to complete on their items. But I digress...