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Hello, we have a use case, where a user needs to be part of a proofing template. Where the planner will check the box "notify receipient about this proof" , but this specific user should not get an email . We have disabled all his email notifications.


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The reason why he can't be removed from proofing template is - that one his team memeber goes OOO, he can login to WFT and see what app proofs are assigned to him and can strt working as proxy with no external help needed.

Any workaround would be highly appreciated.


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I don't believe there's currently a way to turn off the initial email unless that box is unchecked. Could you use the delegation feature instead of including them on the proof? When that team member goes out of office they would delegate proofs to the backup for a specified time.


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Thanks Stacey, much appreciated! The problem is Proofing does not have delegation functionality yet. As our Proofing does not come as a project task.


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Juhi, since there's no way to turn off the initial email without turning it off for everyone and there's no delegation for proofs (I'm hoping that comes soon since we just got task/issue assignment delegations) can you have the user set up a rule in his email application that sends all emails that contain the subject "New proof" into a folder other than his inbox?

Definitely not an ideal workaround, but hopefully temporary.