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Fusion Scenario Limits Changes


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@AndyHess- We heard Adobe was changing the rules around max number of scenarios and changing instead to charge by how often a scenario is run. Do you know when this is happening?


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I was under the impression it going to go by bandwidth but I could be wrong.

I have several that only run once a week or month and I have to remember to turn them on and off, which defeats the point of automation.


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where was this mentioned? I would be curious to learn more



HI Lucy,


Sorry I missed this message and the late reply.


There is a new licensing model that is available where the focus is on operations and the limits on number of active scenarios or connectors no longer exist.   


In general Adobe is hoping to make it easier to use Fusion in more use cases and reduce the usage of mega-scenarios that should be broken into more manageable point to point operational schemes.


This is not something that would be automatically implemented to your Fusion instance and is not mandatory.  It is however, a discussion that I invite you to have with your account executive as renewal discussions come around.