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Fusion Flow History Lags?


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Has anyone else noticed that the Flow Histories in Fusion sometimes lag behind by roughly 15-20 minutes?

I triggered a FLO around 1:01 am. I confirmed it ran, as I was able to see that the flow effected data edits as designed. However, in Flow History, the most recent executions did not display the executions until 1:18am.

I seem to recall some others at my company experience this too. Just checking to see if this is widespread behavior observed by others and if there are any plans to address lags in Fusion 2.0? It really helps with troubleshooting to have instantaneous visibility into each execution.

(Not sure if you can magnify this screenshot, but it just compares the current time it was taken with the most recent available entry in Flow History. There should have been entries for 1:01 am by that time, but the latest ones said 12:19am.)

0690z000008ZjSfAAK.pngThanks! :)


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Thanks Mylah,

I'll keep a eye out for that log-lag behavior.




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Same here, this behaviour is espescially anyoing when trying to test adaptations :-(


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There have been some issues with Legacy Fusion regarding a lag to show history. While I certainly understand how problematic this can be the good news is that this issue has been resolved in Fusion 2.0!

Not only is history showing in near real time, it is also actionable.