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Forms: IF statement on Calculated text field for numeric 'range'


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I think this is an easy one, but I'm stuck! 


This field is formatted as Text, and the TOTAL POINTS for EVENT field is formatted as a number.


I have the first line working:

IF({DE:TOTAL POINTS for Event}>46,"Tier 1")

I can't seem to figure out how to add additional IF statements for other ranges.  These are the ranges I'm trying to add:
>46Tier 1
30-45Tier 2
19-29Tier 3
10-28Tier 4
<10Out of Scope / Reg Only


Thank you!!!!


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You need to work from smallest number to largest. Use syntax that looks similar to the one in this calculation.


(i.e. if <10, X; else if <19, Y; else if <29, Z; and so on)


By the way I think there's a typo in tier 4.



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Thank you, Skye!  I am going to try this - appreciate the response