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Folder Organization for Proofs/Reviews


Level 9

Curious to see an example of how you organize your documents on the project and if it's different by the asset type. For example, video may have script documents that go through proofing approval, then story board, then the rough cut, etc but a brochure may just have first draft, 2nd draft etc and some other document on the project for reference (brief, images to use etc).

Do you organize them in any particular way in folders? How does that impact proofing as I want users to use the version feature for proofing.


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Level 4

Hi Kimberly,

We organize by the asset type so it's less confusing. The script, storyboard, and video proof would all have their own folder. For images or supporting assets, we would have one main folder, then have subfolders.

When it comes to multiple versions of a document for a script for example that's a word doc, we version them out. So our folder would look like the below image.

The main folder would contain the latest script, and the subfolder of "Old" would have the past versions.

We also have a naming convention for our documents so the word doc will look something like this: Finance number_Project name_v2.docx

Hope that helps, thanks!