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Is there a filter to create (text mode I presume) to add where someone can see just the programs that have been shared with them? We are trying to minimize someone having to sift through all of the programs we have.




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@Timothy Brooks‚ I believe you'll need to be a little more specific. Users can only see programs that are shared with them unless they have admin access. So really, they are only seeing the ones that are shared with them. This can happen through inherited access easily.

Do you use program managers? That's how we organize things a bit better.


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Thanks Sam!

So what we are trying to do is get someone who is NOT an admin to be able to go to the program tabs, and only see programs that have been shared with him. Overall, an easy way for him to only see what pertains to him and his team, no matter who the owner is, etc.

At this moment, I know it is either a system limitation or there is some text mode to pull the in the string

Let me know if that makes sense.



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sounds like right now the portfolio is being shared with a bunch of folks, and they are now able to see the programs as a result but you think this is not desirable and you would rather that they only see specific programs that were shared to them by name or team or group.

If that is the case, it really feels like the best way at the moment is to remove the "Inherited Permissions" line on the sharing for each of the programs. Then none of the programs are visible unless the person looking at them is named through the team or group (or individually) in the sharing popup.