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Failed to generate proof


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Has anyone noticed that their proofing license users are getting a lot of "Failed to generate proof" messages in the past week or 2? -skye

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HI there, Did you ever get a resolution or "fix" on this? We are experiencing this as well. I realize your comment was posted in 2017, but thought I'd ask if there were any fixes we could try. Sharon Sharon Flynn University of Virginia Health System


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I think with us, we figured out that it was happening mainly on Word docs. We create many of our Word docs off the same template, and I suggested that my team might want to rebuild that template. Instead they started resaving those Word docs to a different versions and the number of errors has decreased, so it's all good. We did submit a ticket to the helpdesk and they did confirm that there had been an update to the microsoft office converter -- I think they mentioned that the update was causing the issue but that they were unwilling to remove the update since it was an isolated issue with only my Word docs. So it was just as well that we experimented and found our own solution. -skye


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I'm having this error thrown at me more lately with video proofs and it's even more frustrating because we are trying to drive adoption with our executive team. When this stuff happens it confirms their bias. Pleeeeeeease fix this!


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Are they particularly large or complex videos?

Did you try different file formats and codecs?

The Support folks can apparently see a log of fails and see what caused it, so you might reach out to them.


We were getting these alot when we launched and they initially gave us some song and dance about using PDF/X and PostScript discrepancies (our files are PDFs from Adobe Illustrator). But to their credit, they did some troubleshooting on the PDFs and while they and I disagreed on how picky their PostScript interpreter was being (i.e., even our color separator's RIPs aren't that picky), at least we nailed it down:

The default time-out for Proof was too short. If the render/transcode took beyond 10(?) minutes, Proof threw an error and cancelled the process. But there is a backend setting that lets them increase the timeout (ours is like 30-40 minutes now) and that solved the issue.

(TIP: If the exported PDFs from Proof are too low-res for your liking, they have the ability to change that on the back-end as well.)