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Duration and Schedules: Question


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Hi all:


Hopefully a simple one, but I wanted to vet it with the community experts.


We are starting to dabble in planned hours for teams in Workfront, which I support. As part of this, we are also looking at the work schedules, which default to 8 hours. We actually do a 7-hour workday, so the ask was to make the schedule 7 hours so the planned hours are more aligned with our actual experience. Makes sense to do so, but I'm trying to see if there's a ripple effect I can't predict.


My asks is if moving the calendar from an 8-hour work day to a 7-hour one...


  • For a task with a duration of say 1.5 days, Is Workfront smart enough to say "this equates to halfway through the following workday" regardless of what said workday is? 
  • Or put another way, would a project schedule with a 8.5 day project planned duration still dynamically calculate 8.5 days out from actual project start date?

My guess is the answer is "yes" but I wanted to validate with those that have changed their schedules and seen the impact.




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I recommend also checking settings in: Setup>> Project Preferences >> projects >> Timelines. 
There are few things that may impact how workfront will calculate the timeline, but in general, setting up the right schedule on the project sounds like good approach.


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Agree with Rafal - When I took over the instance I have now, the schedule and the timeline didn't match and durations were all out of wack on projects and templates.


How projects are being calculated - By Duration or Planned Hours - could also impact the ripple affect of this.


Do you have access to Sandbox or preview? I would run some tests there and compare durations and planned hours with the changes before going live in Production with the change.