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Does anyone know if it is possible add an email address to a custom form?


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Looking add an email address to a custom form for a unique situation but I cannot figure out how to add it to a descriptive text field as a hyperlink. Is there a was to do this?

Thanks in advance. =D


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Hey Dawnmarie, I know @Katherine Stibley‚ mentioned that she loves tweaking custom forms in her spotlight... maybe she has some insight that could help!


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Hi Kyna, and Dawnmarie,

This was an interesting one to test. In traditional HTML code, you would append http/https in order to open a website, ftp for an ftp site and 'mailto:' in order to start an email. I've tried the variants on mailto that I'm aware of, and the custom form field doesn't seem to support or recognize that particular protocol. It says a protocol is required, and lists 'http/ftp, etc' but I haven't found documentation anywhere on what 'etc' comprises.

However, I also know that if the result of a calculated field is a URL, that Workfront will render it as clickable. I wondered if it would also be smart enough to render an email address properly with mailto all on it's own, and it works.

Two steps to use:

  1. Create a normal text field (single line or paragraph both seem to work) and input the email address there.
  2. Create a calculated field that references that normal text field. The browser will render the email into a clickable link and open an email accordingly.

Note: The user may experience the link opening in the wrong mail platform (ie opening Mail instead of Outlook, or Gmail etc). That behavior is governed by settings on the PC/browser, not Workfront. It can be fixed, but it's a different set of directions for every combination, so hard to advise up front here.

Depending on how fixed I wanted that email address to be, I'd probably get creative with hiding where it was on the form or putting it on another object and referencing from there. Happy to suggest if you can elaborate on your use-case.



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Forgot my attachment, the 'email test' field shown below is referencing a simple paragraph text field elsewhere in the project form. In that field, I keyed a valid email address. When viewing the form, that email then became clickable and opened an Outlook window accordingly.



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Sorry for the delayed response. Thank you so much for this. I will give it a try as soon as I can and update you on our success getting it to work. Again, thank you.



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Hi Katherine,

Do you know if this trick still works on the new Workfront? If so, can you help me understand better the steps? Not very clear to me but I am pretty new to Workfront.


Thank you in advance.