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Do you have a way to show Project/Task quantity vs complexity for capacity tracking?


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Some Projects (and tasks!) can be very simple, some projects can get really complicated. How do teams tell the difference? How do you get an accurate view of your team's capacity? One team member can be working on 4 straight-forward projects (or Tasks) while another team member has just one, but that one is a beast of complicated requirements. Is there a clear way to communicate this in a reportable fashion? What do you do?


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We rely on Planned Hours and Duration for this. In cases where the initial Planned Hours estimate is found to be way off from the reality, we'll update accordingly while the work is in progress to provide better visibility of bandwidth


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Hi - with my old agency we relied on planned hours as well. We were already "too mature" for it, but have you looked at the new Work Effort options that came out early last year? Instead of putting hours on each task, you pick small, medium, or large and then Workfront will put hours based on some settings you put in. It is pretty neat, but we had already gotten to the point of having more realistic hours on our templates.



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This is so dope! Thank you Anthony!

I came across this question and I think it's something my team can benefit from.