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Deleting Bad/Obsolete Emails?


Level 2

*Sorry about posting the wrong topic*

Some of our users have previously typed in bad or old email addresses when creating document proofs and posting comments. WF seems to remember these as "autofill" suggestions later. Consequently, these wrong emails keep being used in the proofing/commenting process - so that the real people never actually receive those proofs/comments.

Warnings and hand-slap communications have been sent out but that doesn't really solve the problem long-term

How can I delete bad/old emails and make it so that they are not even suggested by WF's autofill logic?


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Level 6

We have been doing some of the same clean up. They will need to be deleted as a contact in Workfront Proof. We check first to see if they have any active proofs and if they do, those are redirected to the correct email address and then the bad one is deleted.


Level 2

Thanks, Stacey! What is the most efficient way to find all active/completed proofs for a particular contact?


Level 10

I can't recall if they still do, but Support used to be able to help "merge" multiple Proof accounts for you, which fixes this issue.