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Deactivate a WF System Admin


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Okay, lay it on me. What do I need to be aware of before I deactivate a WF system admin. The sys admin who needs to be deactivated was the original sys admin to stand the system up... so built a lot on the system. Will we lose reports, automations, filters, anything? What do I need to be aware of?


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Can you just change their account password and leave it active? Otherwise yes. Calendars, automations, reports that are "running as" that user.


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We have done the same as Skye and updated their name and reset their password. In our case they left the company, I guess it would depend on if they still need an active account.


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Keep in mind, if your company/institution uses SSO to access internal systems when these users are de-provisioned they will not be able to access the systems.

Is there any way to transition all of those reports that 'run as' the old sys admin to 'run as' a new user or better yet configure the system so that they're not 'running as' anyone.  In my experience if your instance is set up correctly and you have roles, teams, portfolios, programs.... a lot of inherited access.. that you don't ever really need to 'run as'

Just my 2 cents.


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I also took over from the original system admin who had set up Workfront.  I didn't think the transition of deactivating her account was too bad.  I had to fix the reports that were set to run as her, but I don't remember any other issues other than the standard remove from approval processes, tasks, etc. that you have to do for any deactivated user.  

All of the reports, dashboards, filters, etc. that she created still exist.  They're still owned by her as a deactivated user, but from what I can tell, who owns those things doesn't really matter.

Remember, you can always reactivate the account if you have to.  You can also log in as them.

Best of luck!



I recommend also looking over our documentation found here - this specifically calls out the deactivation of a system administrator and what to expect.