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Custom grouping to show all projects assigned to a specific designer


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Hi there! 


In one of my project reports I've created a custom column to show who the specific designer is on each project using the below formula in text mode: 




What I would like to do next, is be able to group those projects by the specific designer so we can see all projects assigned to Designer A, for example. I know we can leverage the workload balancer for similar details, but I was hoping to accomplish this view within a specific report. So far I have been unsuccessful in identifying if/how this can be done. 


Any thoughts? 




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Hi @EmeraldWe - So, you're likely running into a roadblock on the project report with the above text mode because it is a collection and collections aren't groupable (unfortunately!). Alternatively, you might want to try an assignments report and then you can see all the work assigned to a user across objects - it won't be exactly the same, but you could filter the assignment report by a certain task to only get one row (instead of a row for each assignment in the project), just as a workaround option.





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@EmeraldWe I agree in that an Assignment Report will be a better fit, however, if the Designer role is something that all projects have and you frequently want to see who is assigned that role within each project, you may want to consider adding that as a custom field on the project level for easier reporting moving forward!