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Creative Briefs for Marketing and Creative Teams


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What do you all use for Creative Briefs / Marketing Plans in Workfront? We are currently building out a long custom form that I am planning to use with Fusion to make individual projects from the deliverables list. I have the following teams that would be working off of the form - we are planning for it to live in the Program level: Print team, Digital media team, Video Production Team, Photography team, Marketing teams - internal and external, Writing team. I would love to hear what you all are doing for your forms and maybe even see some blank form samples if you all are willing to share! 


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please forgive me if I misunderstand where you're at -- I think this really depends on your process (I find that with implementing teams into Workfront it's better to lead with process and have the custom form develop as a natural consequence), and so you might get a better result if you describe the process that allows you to have a long custom form to start with. With other customers that I have seen, the initial form is shorter because the tactics and deliverables are not always predetermined at the start of the marketing "campaign" -- so there has to be a lot of flexibility built into Workfront to allow it to show a process where deliverables can be entered at any point before launch.