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count issues


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Hi Ralph,

Can you share a little bit more about what you were trying figure out here so we can get you some answers?




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Sorry Kyna, I must have been distracted or in a hurry😀

We would like to be able to report on the number of Issues meeting a certain criteria, e.g. the number of Issues with a Custom Field value.

All we can get out of WF is number of open issues which is not very helpful if, like us, you are using Issues of RAID management. Does that make more sence?


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Hi Ralph,

As is often said, "you can go down, but you can't go up" with the built in (current, classic) Workfront reporting, so to get the RAID info you're after, you could:

  • write an Issue report that breaks out what you need (e.g. by Project, grouped by Custom Field Value, summed to give a count at that grouped level),
  • optionally, drop that report onto a custom tab / custom section of a project so it auto-filters to "just that project" (and/or use a Project Prompt to do so)
  • optionally, with those numbers in hand, create a numeric custom parameter at the Project level for each such Custom Field Value (Issues Count of Value A, Issue Count of Value B, etc.) and periodically manually enter the numbers at that level so you can then create the Project Level reports you have in mind
  • optionally, with all of the above working well (but deciding the manual part warrants some automation), use our UberCalc solution (or Fusion, if you have it) to push those numbers into the Project Level at some reasonable cadence (e.g. nightly), and/or "upon button click" (for that mmm-freshly-baked-calculated-data smell)