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Convert LastLpdateByID to LastUpdatedByName using Text Mode


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Is there a quick way to convert LastLpdateByID to LastUpdatedByName on a Task report using Text Mode?


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Hi Amanda.

In most cases, I've been able to change "ID" to ":name". I tested this in a personal "testing" view I have created and, in this case, I was able to display the name by changing "lastUpdatedByID" to "lastUpdatedBy:name".




displayname=Last Updated By



I've found a couple of instances where I was not successful in this change, but I think there may have been other conditions that were causing it to fail (for instance, trying to capture a requester name when the original request had been deleted).

Good luck,



Community Advisor

Is this for a single field column? You shouldn't have to use text mode. Simply type in Last Updated By Name (or L U B N), and scroll down to the Last Updated By section and select the name field.