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Coming Soon! New COMMUNITY emails



When we transitioned to Workfront One from our old community, the number one request was to change the community digest email. We heard you, and have been working on building a new template and functionality. Today we’re excited to share that it’s ready! You’ll see the change in your inbox starting Tuesday, December 8, 2020 if you get daily digests, or Sunday, December 13, 2020 if you get weekly digests.

The main differences you’ll notice are:

1) Older replies will be included in the digest email. Today's community digest only pulls in new posts and their new replies. We'll still send new posts and their replies, but we'll also pull in new replies from older posts, so you can really see what's happening all throughout the community.

2) Less Truncation. We will no longer truncate new posts or replies in this new email. Heads up, this means the email could get very long on days or weeks when there is a lot of conversation! In some inboxes the message may get "clipped" which is a native functionality of the email provider (and actually how it works today with the existing emails), but you can easily view the entire message with one click.

3) Updated look and feel. We have a slightly different style on this email template, more white and gray with some blue and orange. The orange text will indicate new content that has just been posted that day or week.

4) Updating the "Every Post" functionality. When you select the new notification setting of "Every Post, Every Reply" you will get an individual email every time a new post, reply, or comment goes out in that group. If this feels like too many emails, simply switch your notifications to a daily or weekly digest.

No action is required from you. We'll transition over your existing selection for email notifications and you'll start to get the new format for the community digest email on the dates mentioned above.


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Kyna: This. Is. AWESOME!

I believe that resurfacing older threads in this manner will greatly improve the conversational aspect of these emails and recapture some of that Old Community Feeling again. Personally, I intend to switch to Every Post, Every Reply (but might dial it back on Really Busy Days), and look forward to using "Like" for affirmation, rather than following.

Congratulations to you and your team on releasing this new functionality!




Community Advisor

This is super exciting. I'm looking forward to the new emails. The orange text to indicate new content sounds super helpful!



It's been a BUSY Monday here at Workfront. I just wanted to let you all know that we are not quite ready to go live with the new emails tonight, so you won't see the new emails starting on Tuesday, but they ARE coming this week! Thank you so much for your patience!