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Change "Work On It" to an Accept Task functionality


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We have several teams that work from a queue perspective that simply need to have the associate grab tasks out of the Team Worklist and have it appear in their personal Worklist. When the associate selects "Work On It" it changes the status and the associate no longer receives an alert when their task is "Ready to Start". This is troublesome as many of our tasks cannot start until the predecessor is complete. The teams have workaround of "Reassign"ing it to themselves but this it not intuitive and is more time consuming. I would like to have an "Accept" task in the Team queue that would transfer the task to the individual associate worklist. Do other users run into this issue? Do you have another solve?


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this seems weird that it would do that. I could swear that there is a Teams setting that covers this (if you edit the team, you should see a "Work on it" section and the ability to turn it off and on) -- and I thought that turning it off would mean you still get your notifications when a task is ready to start. Do you know what the setting is toggled to on your team? It's been a while since I tested the functionality but that's what it used to be back in the good old days (erm... two years ago).


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Hi - part of the issue is that Work On It changes a task or issue from a Work Request to Work Item. This is legacy functionality from the old My Work area where Work List was separate from Work Requests.

A fix that worked at my old Agency was including Can Start in the right side area. Obviously, they can't filter out the Can Start equals False in the work list, but at least they can easily see in the details area if they can start on the task or not. (To be 100% honest, a lot of my business units ended up using My Work dashboards we created instead of using Home by the time I left)

Also, here is an idea in the Innovation Lab that says if you use the filter Ready To Start, it filters the Team Requests as well. Might not help your team since it seems you pick up work before it is ready to start, but thought I'd still share: https://one.workfront.com/s/idea/0870z000000PS6ZAAW/detail