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Cancelling Projects Processes


Level 4

When a project is cancelled, I want the following to happen but from what I have found, it would all need to be done manually:

  1. The remaining tasks on a cancelled project to change to a "Cancelled" status; rather than staying in a "In Progress" or "New" status.
  2. Any outstanding proof approvals to be set to "Waive Approval"; rather than staying in the "Pending" decision.
  3. Either remove a custom form from a document or change one of the custom fields on that form to reflect a cancelled status.

I know there is a way to manipulate the filters in custom reports to exclude tasks and proofs/documents from reports but it isn't as logical to all users and adds a level of complexity.

Are there processes that anyone follows when cancelling a project that addresses these areas or any other processes that go along with cancelling a project? Or any ways anyone has found to automate certain processes when cancelling a project?


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