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Can I schedule an Announcement?


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I was thinking of sending some regular reminders to specific users once every two weeks, on a project that will take longer than 6 months. Because it's a project that spans over a longer period, I wanted to send some custom notifications about regularly uploading some documents inside the Project. 


Is there any chance I can schedule an Announcement or send custom notifications to specific users, on a specific Project?


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Hi @irinadete,

To send such regular communication, I suggest you consider a Scheduled Report.


Or an Announcement.




Or an email…


Whichever is easiest for you, and most likely to be noticed, read, and acted upon: mileage may vary.





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Hi @irinadete - 


You can pre-script announcements and save them as drafts so you can quickly send when you're ready but the send would still be manual.

An email you could schedule ahead... but also slightly promotes communication outside of WF. 


Another extreme option could be to schedule a Fusion scenario to @tag an update into WF on a scheduled time/day/interval. Would be an expensive use-case for a scenario but solves your problem!


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My instinct went to a scheduled report as @Doug_Den_Hoed__AtAppStore suggested. It could be a task report maybe of the upcoming tasks for those 2 weeks or things completed in the last two weeks and in the body of the message you could include your reminders so that even if they never click the link or open the attachment they have the reminder.


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Announcements are an admin-only function. To stay in the realm of what mere mortals can do, you could maybe configure some tasks and assign them to the users you need to remind. The tasks can be also set to auto complete so that nobody needs to complete them. If you chain them together in two week increments, then I think any time a task completes, they'll just get a notification that the next task is ready.