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Can a user with a 'Worker' license add to / edit a Custom Form submitted by a different user?


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So I'm attempting to streamline an internal process we follow to request part #s setup in our ERP. I've attached a screenshot of the ideal process flow, but basically the key steps are as follows:

  1. An event triggers a part # to be setup
  2. User 1 (owner) initiates request with high level detail (name, description, SRP, etc.)
  3. User 2 (packaging manger) is pinged upon submission, at which point they edit the form to add more granular supporting detail (component supplier, component price, leadtime, etc.)
    1. User 3 (master data) is then pinged upon form completion, at which point they review all detail and sets up part # in ERP
    2. Once part # is setup in ERP, User 3 (master data) will @ mention all parties in the request comments informing them of the newly created part # and UPC

We have no issue completing steps 1-2 and 5, however step 3 & 4 seem to be posing some hurdles when attempting to automate:

  • User 2 has a 'Worker' license but is unable to edit a custom form submitted by User 1. Is there a way to allow User 2 to edit a custom form submitted by User 1?
  • Let's say for example that User 2 is able to edit the custom form, is there a way for User 3 to be notified automatically once User 2 is complete with their portion? Or will this have to be a manual @ mention from User 2 to User 3 for the process handoff?

Any other suggestions or insights into this process is greatly appreciated!



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So I've confirmed User 2 with the 'Worker' license is able to revise custom forms submitted by other users....so that's a win!

Still wondering if WF has "phased" notification of sorts....meaning since User 2 was initially automatically pinged by WF when User 1 submitted the form (phase 1), is there anyway for WF to automatically inform User 3 once User 2 is finished adding their data as well (phase 2) or will it have to be a manual @ mention?


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Hi Chris,

If by “ping” you mean email, one crude but effective(ish) approach would be to train User 2 to Assign the Request to User 3 when the time comes, and for User 3 to have their alerts set to email them when they are assigned to a Request. From there, User 3?can then finish off and send the @mentions as you’ve described, or (bonus) if there is a problem, Assign the Request back to User 2 for correction.

On the other hand, if (rather than email) you can train your team to monitor their work from within Workfront, I invite you to consider these One chart to Rule Them All and/or Switchback Workflow posts for inspiration.