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Can a field be added to the Project Overview Section


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We collect specific stakeholders for each project and the team would like to see that info at a glance when looking at a project rather than clicking on the custom form to find the information.  Is there a way to add a custom field to the Project Overview section?

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Employee Advisor

There isn't a way to add a custom field to the Project Overview section, however, you can change the order of the Project Details area so that the custom form appears first followed by the Overview. You can do this by clicking on the pencil icon (edit) on the right side and the drag / drop the custom form above the Overview. 

Another way around this would be to create a project report that lists out the stakeholders for each project and share that with the team for easy reference. You can add that report to a dashboard, and add that dashboard as a custom section on the project as well, as the results will dynamically filter based on the object in which you are viewing. 


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Hello Nichole,


I just read your post and wanted to try the first solution. Unfortunately if I click on the pencil icon, I just can change the order of attached custom forms, but I am not allowed to change the position of the Overview. It is fixed to the first position.

Is there any other (global) setting, which has to be changed first?


Thanks in advance.





Employee Advisor

Apologies for the confusion, @lgaertner! Yes to change the order of the Project Details section, you'll want to edit the Layout Template configuration (Customize what users see > Project). I realize that mine must have been set like that when I replied to the original post.