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Calculated field in custom form to auto sum ratings from a drop down?


Level 8

Is there code for a calculated field in a custom form that will take the selections from multiple drop downs and sum them up?

I'm trying to create a risk matrix and have 3 different drop downs that have a number for risk rating, I want to grab the numbers that are selected from the drop downs and sum them.

Alternatively, I would run a report, export it to Excel and sum it in there.

Thank you!

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Level 2

I've done something similar with Probability Score and Impact Score to give me a Risk Score. I created custom fields for Probability and Impact with 5 drop down selections - Rare, Unlikely, Possible, Likely and Almost Certain. The drop downs are given a value based on where they are in the list - for example Rare gets assigned a 1. The Risk Score calculated field than becomes PROD(Probability Score,Impact Score). Hope this helps.0690z000008Zj2IAAS.png