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Approval Flows by Job Role


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We'd like to set up approvals flows that name a job role rather than an individual person as we have frequent movement in our company. However, this feature doesn't allow you to actually identify a person while applying the approval flow. If you name a job role rather than a person, it sends the approval to anyone with the job role which seems useless.

Is there a way to set up approval flows to show which job roles need to be included in the flow, but make it editable so that you can select a person prior to attaching the flow.

For example

Approval flow is

Stage 1: Marketing Director, R&D Director

Stage 2: Marketing Operations

However when you attached the flow you'd can chose which individuals get sent the approval, based on job role though. We have a large initiative moving out of Market Logic (if you're familiar) in to Workfront and the approvals is far more user friendly in Market Logic in its ability to edit a flow.

We don't want to set up 80 different flows that need updating every-time someone switches roles. But we do want to show who SHOULD be approving things rather than just adding people individually every time. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!



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I would be interested in this as well. Allowing to select the name would work, but ideally, it would be great if it could automatically go to through the approvals based on the job role and the department selected (not the requestor's manager or home group because we have folks that submit on behalf of other people).