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Any way to connect due dates between a request and a task?


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I've become a real fan of cross-project predecessors and have been using them like this:

  • Master project is the Campaign - which has 1 task for each of the assets, materials or whatever that is needed to launch the campaign. It acts more like a checklist and a way to show all the various things we need for the campaign
  • Other projects are those that require a lot of tasks to complete - like an email or brochure or ad campaign. The due dates from those sub-projects are cross-predecessor linked to the Master project - works like a charm

However, many of the assets are completed via Requests that don't get turned into projects. I have setup Request Queues within the master project so the Requests are all nicely lined up but I would be most happy if the due date of the request could be tied to the due date of the task in the Master project. Is there a way to do this, or is it but a dream I'm having?


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We've linked requests and project statuses, but haven't found a way to link the planned completion dates. So in our process, once we finish a project schedule build and know the completion date, we have to manually go back to the request to update the completion date there to match. I haven't found another way to do this, perhaps someone else has? If not, would be a good idea to put into the Innovation Lab!