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Any suggestions on simplifying time tracking for users such as track to PARENT task vs. child task?


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My Workfront workers that track time have been complaining that there are too many tasks to track time too making their timesheets long and difficult to use. Plus they can't hide tasks that are done or cancelled or adjust fields/views/etc. They are requesting logging time to the project level, which we (admins & mgm't) do not want to do because we need more detail for reporting and templates. We currently have "allow time to project level" turned OFF. So does anyone have workers track actual time against a PARENT task instead of the child tasks? My concern is the current Timesheet view is so basic with no views/grouping/fields that we couldn't tell the difference between parent tasks or child tasks anyways. And it was recommended to us during our Workfront implementation to not assign a parent task to a user. This helps keep just tasks on the timesheet.

I know a new timesheet view/functionality is coming (@Jeremy Flores‚ when???) but not sure what to do in the meantime to pacify the complaining users that time tracking is just too painful.

We have already reduced the number of tasks for users but when they're on 20+ projects each with multiple tasks, it's still too much. I'm getting pressure from some management to make time tracking easier but not sure how to achieve it.

Any suggestions?


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Hi Sarah,

I invite you to consider our UberTimesheet solution, which includes a Quick Filter that instantly shows only the Timesheet rows that match a particular search string of interest as it is typed. Optionally, we can also tailor it to suit for you, by (for example) hiding tasks that are done or cancelled, or changing the layout to show additional custom data, etc.





@Sarah Wilkerson‚ thanks for sharing this feedback. And @Doug Den Hoed‚ for posting a solution. We do have some Timesheet enhancements coming soon. These enhancements include: Defaulting to the User's Current Week Timesheet, Highlight Entry Rows for clearer time entry, and a sticky header so that it's easier for users to remember to save their logged hours on objects within the Timesheet. cc. @Jessica Shayan‚. Always happy to jump on a call as well to see what more we can do for you and your users!