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Another EXISTS story from The Twilight Zone: Mind. Blown. üí•


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For the four of you interested nerds (and you know who you are)...

This li'l Task Filter beauty:

  • finds all completed Tasks ("not null") that
  • have at least one among several custom forms ("in")
  • within a set of particular custom forms (":name", tab delimited)
  • where, within those forms ("a:taskID") on those Tasks (":ID")
  • a particular value ("2", which means checklist failed, in this case)
  • is present ("EXISTS")
  • in at least one dropdown among all of the parameters across all those custom forms (PVAL)

By following these simple conventions (which, by the way, return in seconds across thousands of such tasks, given the relatively low number of failed checklists), the SysAdmin can add new checklists and questions over time as the business evolves, and easily create insightful interactive charts for analysis and corrective action.

Workfront, after all these years together, you still find ways to surprise and amaze me...



DE:Date Completed_Mod=not null


category:name=WP 9.35 Press Operations F OP 859 Checklist WP 9.35 Program Management F OP 860 Checklist WP 9.35 Safety F OP 862 Checklist WP 9.35S - Retool & Service Order F OP 861 Checklist







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I don't know if people see the beauty of this. To describe it another way, you can use this EXISTS statement to filter for records where their attached custom form (not a specific custom field) contains the search value in any of its fields. It's like saying "custom form contains value X" instead of "custom field contains value X."

All the other stuff is to simply refine the results beyond the EXISTS statement (only tasks in a certain status; only look for tasks with certain forms attached, etc.)

This is great for throwing a very wide net when you need to search for records and it would be too laborsome to build a gigantic OR statement to account for all the custom fields.

Great share, Doug!

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Wow! This is great! Now all those people with feedback surveys can use this and if anything is answered 1 (or you could use Not Satisfied if you use words), then it would appear in the report without you having to try and filter on every single question using OR statements.

Good work, Doug! (And thanks for sharing) :)