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Agile Reporting


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Our company has been using Workfront for about 5 years. To this point, we have only used the tool to lead projects following a Waterfall methodology. We are now being challenged to include the Agile functionality. I have been through the Ascent training and multiple documents to get the teams set up, iterations created, stories added, etc. However, I am struggling to find any comprehensive information regarding reporting capabilities specifically geared toward Agile outputs (i.e. multiple iteration burndown charts, reporting on hours / points for an entire project not just iteration specific, etc.). Are there any resources to help with Agile specific reporting? Thanks all! y Erica Abenroth RLI Insurance Company
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Hi Erica,

I am sure you are ahead in the game now, We are onboarding our team to Agile and want to see if there were any reporting structure your team followed and learnt any best practices we want to consider. Happy to hear anything? Thanks Sujatha


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Earlier this year, Workfront put out an Agile Reporting Cookbook that has a number of report examples, which you might find helpful.