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Add user option to the People tab in templates


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Hi there - What are you using to add new resources to the People tab in a project template? And if this is not available, is there anyone who would like to upvote this?

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Hello @BeatriceOr 

For me I tend to leave it. It will automatically bring in people who are assigned to the tasks within the project.

If you want to manually add a user then it wont let you add it at Template level you would need to add it on a project level each time. 

For me is what is the use case and why would you need it? If you need someone to have visibility you could always add them as the project sponsor or resource manager etc


Sorry I couldn't be more help


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Thanks Scott. We are planning to use the People tab as a distribution list so if we want to add new users to the distribution list, we will just add it to the template so that when we create a project plan, the users are already incorporated there. 


Hi @Madalyn_Destafney Yup, that was also the suggestion given to me by WF support and that's what we also discovered last time. I just want to check for options instead of assigning and removing a user to a task in a template.


Thanks both for your comments!


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Hi @BeatriceOr & @Scott_Goodwin, you can add someone to the people tab of a template just by adding them to any task and then removing them. When you add someone to a task, it automatically adds them to the people tab AND if even if you remove them from the task you added them to, it'll keep them in the people tab (something I don't particularly like and have an Idea out there to change this). Or, you can also modify the project sharing of the template to add users there so that they still can see the project even though they have no tasks assigned.

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