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Access Level Admin Access to Custom Forms


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Hello, I wanted to clarify the intended access for a user when the "Allow administrative access for" box is checked to something, specifically custom forms. We have a user that is part of a group that all has access to a subset of our custom forms. As a Group Admin of this group, he has the administrative access box checked for custom forms. Based on the wording of the documentation here "Create and edit (add, edit, and delete the fields) custom forms within their group", this should give him the ability to edit forms that are already part of his group. However, I had to go and give him manage access to each individual form anyway. If that is the intended functionality - what is the use of the Allow administrative access option exactly?

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I think probably there are a few missing words in the documentation?


For me the way I would think of it is, just as it says, "administrative access" allows the user to be able to edit custom forms. But not any custom forms. Just the ones "in their group". And for me, what "in their group" means, is giving the group manage access to the form.


So just like a lot of other things in Workfront, access is a two-part solution, involving visibility and permissioning. Just as you would "share" a project with any user with a plan license, but then set their sharing to Manage if you want them to edit it, so too would you "share" a custom form with any user with a group admin access level, and then additionally set their sharing to Manage if you want them to edit it.