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Workload Balancer - Allow to group by Program AND Project



The workload balancer allows a user to group tasks by project which is great. But it needs to go a step further to group those projects by program/campaign.



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I thought for sure I had submitted this exact Idea months ago. I guess it never posted. 😐

My business pushes 200-300 projects a month through the system and resource managers can't make allocations effectively across that many projects. They organize work / capacity / budget at the Program level and likewise, we need the resource management capabilities of Workfront to match. I would argue that you should be able to break this down by Company, Portfolio, Program and Project. Planning a shared resources time across all of the hierarchy would be very helpful.



Seeking more votes on this one! Allowing to group by program/campaign on the Workload Balancer would make it far more useful for resources that have a high number of projects.

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