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Working with groups or teams - Better restrictions on which teams are visible


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When making assignments, our users see too many options. Teams they would never want to interact with are still visible.

'view only companies, groups, and teams they belong to' would limit this, but it does not provide enough control.

Now that teams can have a group attached to them, could we have an setting like 'view only teams which share a group with the user'?

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In addition to making assignments, this would also be helpful when tagging a team in a comment.

For awhile now, we've had a team named "Translation Team" that gets tagged by others in our Group frequently. Those users doing the tagging have become accustomed to typing "tran" and hitting enter to select that team when the name appears.

But now another group of users in our instance has created a team named "EU Translation Agency" which, alphabetically, pops up first when you type "tran," so the team is constantly selecting the wrong team - and hopefully catching it before they post their comment. Even if we drop the EU from the new team, "agency" would fall before "team."

If would be great if either:

  • only teams associated with a group you are in show when tagging teams
  • teams associated with a group you are in appear first in the list of teams