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Wildcard off of a custom field


Level 9


We need the ability to create a wildcard off of a custom field. We have some key custom fields that we use for reporting and would help us tremendously if we could use them as wildcards so we do not have recreate the same report several times.



Level 6


It's frustrating that we can attach custom fields to a user profile, but can't use them to filter different types of objects which also contain those fields. Dashboards become a lot more targeted and easier to manage if we could add filters like:

Campaign>>{Business Unit} equals $$USER.{Business Unit}

Project>>{Delivery Channel} equals $$USER.{Delivery Channel}

Request>>{Supported Application} equals $$USER.{Supported Application}

Filtering requests is a biggie - It would help to workaround the fact that request queue topics are limited to a single routing rule. A user's dashboard could filter so they only see team requests with custom field values that correspond to their profile's custom field value. If you have 15 users on a team, that makes the difference between creating 15 separate reports, or a single report that uses a wildcard.


Community Advisor


I was able to create a wildcard report using a calculated custom field on a user's custom form. We have one called manager hierarchy and it pulls the user's manager, their manager's manager, etc for 6 levels. So we now do reports that says name contains manager hierarchy $$USER.ID to pull all users (including themselves) that fall under them in org structure. Very useful when wanting to send reports to Director Level management