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Similar to how you can see requests you already put in the system, it would be helpful for reviewers to see a list of reviews they've already completed and what approval (or non approval) they gave. We have some reviewers that review many items each day and sometimes they can forget they already completed a review. Rather than have them have to ask an admin or search through their email for the original request to review they would be able to see that they reviewed and approved it (or not).

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I'm assuming you're talking about Workfront Proof.

I agree (and support) that a built in area in WF would be great for this (the proof HQ dashboard migrated over to WF). You could make a custom tab that shows this (via a dashboard and proof approval report), BUT it will only work if they were an approver on the proof (too bad, so sad for people who only reviewers or read only).

I've also opened up the documents section for review license people, and made a smart folder that shows all the documents that have been shared with them (so they don't see documents where they have inherited permissions), and the current version proof id is not null. This will show them all the proofs they have access to, regardless of their role on the proof). Since you can't share smart folders, I have to log in as each user that wants it (which is super annoying) or provide the text/code for the smart folder and hope they paste it in right.