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Update/Comment notifications take you directly to update


Level 4


Description - When you receive a notification that you've been tagged in an update, clicking on the update takes you directly to that that specific comment, rather than taking you to to the top of the updates section.

Why is this feature important to you - We are trying to increase adoption and user participation. The complaint that being dropped to the general updates section and having to scroll through a ton of irrelevant updates makes it difficult to keep communication in workfront is one we hear a lot

How would you like the feature to work - receive notification > "update" is hyperlinked in "xyz commented on an update you're tagged in" > click hyperlinked update > link takes you to that update's actual position on the page. OR the update becomes an object that you can click into, similar to a task or an issue. 

Current Behaviour - I see that I get a notification, I have to scroll through old threads and replies and sometimes still can't find the message